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of the tournament? a live >>> good evening. the cal bears kput together, tomorrow night, cal plays five seed unlv in round one. abc 7 mike shumann joins us live outside of the hp pavilion. cal caught a break with this. they got a bus ride to get to the game oo. there is no question. mike montgomery says this wasn't a home game. and there are some terk yits sfraibl cal fans want to come down. now, they got 40 money minutes on the court. and of course, you mentioned earlier these two teams paced off earlier in the season that. has got to be an advantage. because normly, you're not sure who you're going face. >> this helps a lot. you know? so it gives confidence going in. and well, we've got work to do. you know, the thing was we had a chance. that is encouraging from our perspective. >> cal is a different team since that loss to unlv. >> we've proven we're a good team. so we've proven we can play at a high level. >> a different mind set of being done. >> we're very conscious that we don't come on performing that this can with the last game. >> cal win twoz games on the way to the sweet 16. and this
to get invited to the prom. you never had to worry about that. oregon, arizona, cal, got the nod, and st. mary's is in, but for an extra game. the 11th seed in the schefft will face missile -- middle tennessee in a play-in game. cal plays unlv in san jose so good news. cal state is local. bad news, unlv is a solid team but mike montgomery and the squad happy to be in the tournament. >> i think they're excited about the matchup. we've played them once and we're excited about the location, makes everything so much easier. >> definitely surprised we get to play so close to home and all that stuff, so hopefully we can get a good fan base out there and get a good crowd to be behind us. >> mike: louisville is number one. kansas top dog in the south, indiana the one seed in the east, and gone saga, top billing in the west. >> warriors hit the road for three games, starting today in houston. they have a half game lead on the rockets. no room for error in the final 15 games. war seth curry to thompson. easy money. then curry, lighting it foundle -- lighting it up from half. and then jeremy lin, t
to eliminate parking from mccal sister to union. it's up to the mta but that is not stopping residents from focusing their ire on supervisor hsu. an uneasy vip about to get more uneasy thanks to a plan being proposed by the city. fony burbury shop carries rare print publications. it's on the busy stretch of polk street. they're thinking of doing a makeover. >> i remembered i was shocked when i heard that they're planning to remove parking i said what are they think something. >> what they're thinking is taking advantage of a planned major repave prog jekt to make the streets safer for all who use it. l requiring a reduction in metered spaces. >> in each proposal have a different amount of parking lots? or bike lane goesing in. but at this point they're just proposals. what we're doing now is listen together community to see what they want. and make sure we can get it right before muflg forward. >> this beauty company is a salon on polk. she says she's all for making streets more beautiful. she just wants the parking to stay. >> this is bad enough. it becomes harder. there is no way these bu
brackets. cal gets set for the tournament opener. allen crab, will this be his final game? splechl sports is coming up next. >>> good evening, have you filled out your bracket yesterday? ncaa fans this is a bracket there. is a 12-5 upset and cal bears would love to be able to handle that. the 12-5 match up is cal against unlv. this game will be played thursday a virtual home game for the bears in san jose. allen crab averaging almost 19 points for golden bears. crab has an nba skill set. issue is that sometimes you gets passive. kind of disappears out tlchl the challenge is going to be containing this guy. anthony bennett from canada. match up nightmare for golden bears. it does not have the front line to stop him. bennett went for 25 points against cal. >> i think he's surp pricing us a little bit with how good he was. and... you know it was blow by you, do this or that. he just shot n very good shooter for a guy his size. actually a leading field goal percentage guy we'd like him not to have the ball all the time. >> the winner moves on to face the winner of syracuse against montana. an
better leadership. so these guys have done as well as you can do it. >> the cal in san jose in a home game under two minutes to go cal is leading. michigan state taking michigan state. spartan senior a hefty 6, 9, 270. 23 points, 15 boards. michigan state a winner. pittsburgh taking on shockers. thank you very much. i'll take that. 13 point lead. better early than late. a win for wichita state. they'll face gonzaga. squeeze in a little bit of football. tight end shows ez he's a first round drift pack waiting to happen. in any case, stephan tailor ran a 4, 7, 6. and tailor the all time rushing leader at stanford. >> kid comes to camp two guys going to be love them. running backs coach going to love them. he's a guy that is going to pass protect. and also it's going to get four balls to carry. >> it will probably be internet only. >> maybe not. >> all right. join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then a how to manual for cyber warfare, then at 11:00 a dog that is more than a pet and why the owner is desperate to get him back. and tonight at 8:00 it's wife swap. i'll see you for late news at
salle next. tomorrow night cal looks to move onto the sweet 16 but they will have to beat syracuse in order to get there. the bears love respect that would come back with a win. >> it's a great opportunity to put ourselves on that national scale with teams like kansas, north carolina and duke. >> i feel like we're in the tournament for a reason and knew we're going to play teams like this. >> sabre cats begin with a new quarterback because mark green retired. abc 7's mike shumann introduces us to the new man under sent year garcia going deep. touchdown. >> aaron garcia replacing a sabre cat legend. >> it's going to be tough to fill those shoes here. this is something they've built here, together now i'm coming in here trying to bring you know my own personality to this game. >> this native played for 18 and goes for over 52,000 yards. 1125 touchdowns and was mvp in 2011 winning it all with jacksonville. >> he's going down as one best to play. a hall of famer. he's throwing more touchdowns than anyone in football. so just excited to have him here. >> this offensive player of the yea
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6